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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Worst Tattoo Sleeve Trends

Tribal Sleeve - Leo Zulueta is credited with bringing tribal style tattooing from the South Pacific to the United States in the late 70's. But is was George Clooney's character in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn that caused the tribal sleeve to explode in popularity. Tribal sleeves may be the worst sleeve trend of all as they take another peoples tattoo culture, remove all the meaning and mock the origins of tattoo designs that date back centuries. They are also next to impossible to cover up once tattoo regret sets in.

Biomechanical Sleeve - Biomechanical tattooing was pioneered by tattoo artist like Aaron Cain and other tattooist in the San Francisco bay area. A breakaway from traditional style American tattooing, biomechanical uses images of the human flesh mixed with machine parts. Basically biomechanical tattoos mix organic images with inorganic images. It quickly became over used.

Flame Sleeve - No clear origins on the flame sleeve but whoever created it should be ashamed. The sleeve is not only hard to look at but is unbelievable boring for the tattoo artist. Flame tattoos are not only a waste of good skin but will also prove difficult to cover.

Random Cool Stuff Sleeve - A twist on the American style hodgepodge sleeve that is acquired over time, the random cool stuff sleeve is acquired quickly. The images often include skulls, flowers, brass knuckles, something with wings,maybe a couple of flames. A newer variation on this sleeve is to get random candy pieces or random kids toys tattooed as a sleeve.

Tribal Biomechanical Tattoo - Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo

So, you've decided that you want a tribal biomechanical tattoo? This type of ink is very unique so make sure that you do your research first!

You could simply do a search for tribal art tattoos on the web, but your best bet would be a look at the tribal tattoo web sites that offer art services for a price. Here you will find a wide variety of artists who have expertise in the tribal ink world, and you're sure to find one who will be able to customize your piece so that it becomes a wearable story.

Tribal art specific web sites take a little time to explore, but the more you see, the sharper your focus and more distinguishable your final work of art will be. New styles are updated all the time, along with talented artists who can interpret your vision so that it becomes uniquely yours, and isn't that what it's all about?

Look for web sites offering clear pictures of art drawn personally by the artist, or those which show the artist at work on clients. This offers you a view of the work environment and how the artist operates. Usually there will be comments from customers or an independent review of the parlor itself. There may also be links to other events highlighting tattoo artists or their work.

If the site offers a blog, read it. You will sometimes find answers to questions you may have about the different styles offered, the colors available or what kind of "vibe" the parlor has. Does it share the history of the types of designs and how many designs does it offer? Don't forget to look for statements regarding hygiene, new inkpots and needles for each customer and whether they sterilize the equipment.

Biomechanical Tattoos - Girls! You Will Surely Love These Biomechanical Tattoos

The biomechanical tattoos became famous during the Eighties but it is still popular even now. The main reason for its popularity is that it shows that life has become very mechanical. Biomechanical tattoos are done by the tattoo artists using either of the two different techniques; one is the trompe loeil style and the other is "the trick of the eye" art. These tattoos show some hidden potentiality within them. Imagine that you have got a mechanical lever in the place of titanium skeleton and tendons. Thus, these tattoos help us to show out true colors.

There are various categories in the bio mechanical tattoo design. These are the various types of categories that use this art; Natural beauty Treatments, Skin Care, Beauty Care Tips, Hand Care, Body Care, Organic Cosmetics, Beauty Feet, Beauty Procedures, Beauty Care Products, Feet Beauty Tips, Beauty Parlors, Haircuts, Preparation, Skin, Prom Dresses, Acne, Cellulite, Fashion, Fashion Design, Dress Codes, Accessories, Aromatherapy, Massages, Spa, Yoga and Oral Care.

Biomechanical tattoos were designed for the movie Alien and it became popular all over the world. This was the beginning of the biomechanical tattoos. In the eighties the dominant colors of the tattoo are grey and black. But now the colors have change to multicolor tattoo. Nowadays, these tattoos are designed to display the vibrant colors of life. If the skin is peeled at a small place, you can see the vivid light. Both the small and large tattoos of the biomechanical designs are popular. These tattoos are worn on the arms that displays a beautiful masterpiece on you arm. You can choose either a full sleeve or a half sleeve tattoo. These tattoos also look great; when worn on the calves, thighs and back. If you plan to get a small sized tattoo done then choose a location, where the design would peek. The chest and the shoulders are the best places to have this tattoo.

One of the best and popular biochemical art; is the art of picturing a creature trying to get out of your skin. You can also show yourself as something made up of wheels, microchips and cogs.

Discover the unknown tips of choosing the correct name tattoos at this best tattoo gallery. Find Thousands of Free Tattoo Designs and check out the largest selection of Award Winning Tattoo Designs!

Religious Tattoos - Here Are a Few Things You Need to Know About Them

All the religions based on The Holy Bible, like Christianism, both Fundamentalists and Catholics along with Judaism have a common view that getting a tattoo done is wrong. However, what is surprising is that the reason for considering a tattoo to be forbidden differs between all these three religions.

It is interesting to note the beliefs and view points each of these religions hold. Let us have a peek into why tattooing is prohibited in these religions and what is the reason behind the prohibition.

Fundamentalist Christians believe that getting a tattoo is forbidden as it is considered to be a "Pagan Practice". Although most fundamentalists agree that there is no such statement in The Holy Bible that prohibits tattoos are tattooing, this being viewed as a Pagan Practice is good enough for fundamentalist Christians to be against tattooing.

Fundamentalist Christians believe that the whole of the Bible comprises of the New Testament and the New Testament does not have any references, neither positive nor negative with regards to tattooing. Since the practice of tattooing is something that was and is followed by the Pagans, is the single main reason for the objection against the art.

For Catholics, the Old Testament is as sacred as the New Testament and hence the Catholic negativity towards tattooing is based on the scripture passages as in Leviticus 19:28 which reads thus: "You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves..."

However most of the Catholics today consider it to be a matter of personal choice and interpretation. The Catholic population of modern times believes that though tattooing is a prohibited art form it is still not as sinful as many might think it to be.

Jews believe that the scriptures of the Old Testament to be the word of God and commandments that are to be adhered to the T, tattoo is a strict "no no" for all the Jews. This commandment against any form of desecration of the body is viewed as the major reason as to why the observant Jews were tattooed in all the concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, this tattooing act was a planned attempt to separate the observant Jews from their God even if it meant unwillingly.

In Jewish faith, desecration of the body is such a grave sin, that a person, who has tattoos, is denied burial in some of the Jewish cemeteries. Though in modern times, tattooing is still an issue; the resistance to this art form is fewer than before. It is only the most orthodox Jews who reject tattooing.

All of the three major Biblical religions discussed above are of the opinion that it is wrong to get tattoos done. However the reason for this denial is different between all the three religions. The two major factors in determining what one's religious stand on tattoos is what one's religion teaches about tattoos and what the basis of that teaching is.

These two reasons are the most important reasons, why a person should have a tattoo done or not. This is irrespective of which faith one follows and how observant he or she is in following the faith.

Being able to have a tattoo was not always a good thing. Hopefully this article shed some light on the religious types of tattoos.

Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoos and the symbolism of the various religions have strangely become popular to secular society. Crosses and pictures of Jesus and praying hands or the sacred heart have been seen gracing the biceps of clearly non-religious individuals.

This is partly because any and all kinds of symbolism in the field of tattoo art have been appropriated and assimilated into the mainstream culture. This is true not only of one religion but to all systems of belief. It is why a person can have a mix of Celtic crosses, tribal tattoos, Buddhist imagery, Chinese characters, Japanese symbols, and all kinds of religious tattoos all mixed up in one. Aside from Christianity, Celtic, and Buddhist thought; there are also images from Hindu, Islamic, Maori, and tribal culture.

The phenomenon of the secularization and subsequent popularity of religious tattoos might be due to the breakdown of the walls of meaning in the information age. As all the symbols and their meanings have become readily and easily available to us, we have arbitrarily appropriated them in any manner that we see fit. The meanings have then obscured as the images spread from believers to non believers. It is why this mishmash is found to be acceptable in contemporary times.

These are good points to ponder on before going out to get yourself one of those obviously religious tattoos:

o Does it have meaning for you?
o Will it offend someone else's beliefs?
o Are you aware of its history and true meaning?
o Are you prepared to become identified with a certain group by virtue of your tattoo?
o Are you prepared to defend your choice?

If you have read all these questions and still want to go ahead with your chosen tattoo design, then noone is stopping you. If, after reading these words, you come across some doubt in your mind, then stop first and think deeply about it. A tattoo is a permanent body ornament and a very visible statement.

It would be presumptuous for us, however, to assume that all bearers of religious tattoos have appropriated it from somewhere else. Some of the avid tattoo enthusiasts out there do have themselves pierced with images from their own religions. This then functions as a sacred reminder of a person's faith, and a symbol of their spirituality. Inasmuch as the original act of tattooing the body was part of a sacred ritual enacted in rites and ceremonies, so these modern tattoos could also function as such once again.

Religious Tattoos in Ambigram Lettering Styles

Among tattoo designs, religious tattoos are one of the most popular themes. They stand as a strong declaration of a personal faith, and can be a proud statement to the world that has a certain power beyond your average tattoo. What a good deal of people are combining the powerful statement of these designs, with the amazing style of ambigrams.

Ambigrams are words that say either

1) the same thing upside down (symmetrical), or
2) something different upside down (asymmetrical).

The dual nature of ambigrams (not only in meanings, but viewpoint) provide for some interesting possibilities. When using a symmetrical design, the placement of your tattoo can make sense in more places than the usual 'blueprint' locations since it can be read from two different angles. If an asymmetrical ambigram is used, it can supply a deeper meaning without taking up any additional area. For instance, choosing a 'Blessed / Cursed' or 'Sinner / Saint' tattoo could illustrate the fact that even those that are of high spiritual regard have given in to temptation and sin.

Here are a good variety of popular words and phrases if you need ideas to start with:

* One Word
* Faith
* Forgiven
* Salvation
* Karma
* Two Word or Phrase
* Walk by Faith
* God Is Love
* Only God Can Judge Me
* Lord God Is My Only Redeemer

Of course, you are limited only by your imagination! Have fun choosing what word or phrase. Just make sure after the design is chosen you find a talented tattoo artist to get inked, as that will determine the long term quality of your tattoo.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Religious Tattoos

The idea of religious tattoos may seem counterintuitive, for several reasons – not only is tattooing prohibited by some religions, such as Orthodox Judaism, but until recently, tattoos were associated with a vaguely disreputable counterculture that seems at odds with religion.

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Religious Tattoos

However, religious symbols – Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Islam or otherwise – are actually quite common tattoo designs. It might surprise you that about 25% of all tattoos in America have a religious meaning

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Tiger Tribal Tattoo

Cool Tribal Tattoo ideas for Men

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Cool Tribal Tattoo ideas for Men

Stars Tattoo Design For Back Body Girl

Stars Tattoo Design For Back Body GirlStars Tattoo Design For Back Body Girl

Women Arm Tattoo Design

Women Arm Tattoo DesignWomen Arm Tattoo Design

Flower Tattoo Arm for Girl

Flower Tattoo Arm for GirlFlower Tattoo Arm for Girl

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bird Tattoo Designs

Bird tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo designs of the Western world. Thanks to the old school revival, they are in vogue again. Most popular are swallow tattoos, followed by phoenix tattoos.

swallow tattoo

Black Dragon Phoenix Tattoo

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Dragon Phoenix Tattoo

Why Tribal Tattoos?

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Natural Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos
are extremely popular and can add a distinct 'je ne sais quoi' to a person's character. The real beauty of tribal tattoos is that they don't have to be loud and obnoxious useless you want them to be, but rather subtle and stylish. It is a style that typically capitalizes on solid black lines and coloring (with some exceptions of course) and it is also composed of pointed and curved elements. It's bold and eye catching. In short, it's a pretty wicked looking style!

Tribal Tattoo, tattoo ideas

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Tribal arm Tattoo ideas

Tribal tattoos, as the name implies, originated among Native American tribes and date back to over 5,000 years. Perhaps they are so prevalent among fraternity brothers due to the fact that the tattoos were originally applied to show loyalty to a particular tribe in native lands.

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Tribal Tattoo, tattoo ideas

Tattoos were also used to display a person's caste status, wealth, role in the tribe, even to document his brave deeds or societal contributions. They also served a purpose when it came to traveling, tribal tattoos clearly identified a stranger as belonging to a neighboring sect and detailed what rank he held.

Later on, tattoos were used to create scenes on the body depicting battles the tribe member took place in. They were also used as memorials for loved ones who had passed away, their memory honored in the form of a soaring eagle.

Tattoos were certainly not limited to Native Americans, however. The Yokuts of California used body modification to call attention to the location of a person's supernatural power; the indigenous tribes of New Zealand, Africa, Central America and Hawaii also practiced the art of tattooing.

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

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When you are looking at black tribal dragon tattoos, make sure that you find a design that really speaks to you. In your mind, what is your dragon tattoo doing? Black tribal dragon tattoos are wonderful choices for any tattoo fan, so take a look at the tattoo art designs that are available and find the one that suits you the best!

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Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Butterfly tattoos Gallery

Butterfly tattoos are very popular amongst women and they come in all shapes, sizes and a wide range of colors. The most popular places for a butterfly tattoo are the upper arm and lower back.
Butterfly tattoos for girls

Kathmandu - Henna Tattoo for Wedding Accessories

Kathmandu - Henna Tattoo for Wedding AccessoriesKathmandu - Henna Tattoo for Wedding Accessories

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tribal Tattoo Gallery

Tribal tattoo designs are getting more and more popular these days, and it's not hard to see why. Popular designs are the tribal dragon, rose, crosses, the tribal sun, tiger, angel wings and the tribal bird.

Best Butterfly Tribal Tattoo

Best Butterfly Tribal Tattoo on back girls body

tribal tattoos ideas for men

are u men like tattoo? and searching high and low for the best tribal tattoos for men ? you must check this photo:

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tribal tattoos ideas for men

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tribal sunflower tattoo

Henna Tattoo Design Story

Henna Tattoo Design StoryHenna Tattoo Design Story

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colorful upper arm tattoo

Colorful upper arm tattoo ideas for women

Cute Fairy Tattoos for Women

Cute Fairy Tattoos for Women

Have you been looking for a cute fairy tattoos? These are not only very popular they are also a great tattoo to get for the first one or even for a seasoned tattoo veteran. If you are thinking about getting a fairy tattoo then you might be interested in this article. It will discuss the benefits of getting a fairy tattoo design, some of the costs and possible locations for the design.

Brown henna tatoo design clipart illustration

Brown henna tatoo design clipart illustrationBrown henna tatoo design clipart illustration

Saturday, April 24, 2010

tribal back tattoos for women

tribal back tattoos for women

When it comes to women and tattoos, some of the most popular designs can be found on the lower back – as well as the location, there are certain tattoos that are also more popular

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shoulder Tribal Tattoos

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Shoulder Tribal Tattoos for men

Shoulder tribal tattoos are very fashionable despite the fact that the tattoos are not visible at all times in public places except when in beaches and other places where men do not wear shirts and females wear swimsuits. They have magnificent designs plus their placement on the body makes them easy to hide. The tattoos are there and they reflect your personality without you having to irritate others in relation to them causing problems at the workplace. They also look cool despite the person who is wearing them.

Beautiful henna tattoo on hand for wedding accessories

henna-tattoo-designshenna-tattoo-designshenna-tattoo-designshenna-tattoo-designsBeautiful henna tattoo on hand for wedding accessories

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Flower Tattoo Girl

Beautiful Flower Tattoo GirlBeautiful Flower Tattoo Girl

calf tattoo for girls

What are some benefits of choosing a tattoo that can be placed on the calf? Benefits that can be seen from tattoos that are placed on the calf is the larger amount of area that you can use while completing the tattoo. Through the calf tattoo you are easily able to complete a variety of designs. Through the designs that can be completed on the calf you can choose from traditional designs, but it is also an area where you can choose from modern designs.

Jessica Simpson Father Joe

Jessica Simpson Father Joe
Jessica Simpson Father Joe
Jessica Simpson Father Joe
Jessica Simpson Father Joe
Jessica Simpson Father Joe
Jessica Simpson Father Joe

Jessica Simpson Father Joe

The Singer Jessica Simpson with her father Joe leave her midtown hotel in New York City dated April 21, 2010.

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